Latest Reads: Dog Rose Dirt Jen Williams. Ones to watch in 2021.

Once upon a time there was a red wolf. But this is no fairy tale. He was a killer.

A convicted murderer with a story to tell
Serial killer Michael Reave – known as The Red Wolf – has been locked in Belmarsh Prison for over 20 years for the brutal and ritualistic murders
of countless women.
A grieving daughter with a secret to unearth
Ex-journalist Heather Evans returns to her childhood home after her mother’s inexplicable suicide and discovers something chilling – hundreds of letters between her mother and Reave, dating back decades.
A hunt for a killer ready to strike again

When the body of a woman is found decorated with flowers, just like his victims, Reave is the only person alive who could help. After years of silence, he will speak to Heather, and only Heather.

If she wants to unearth the truth and stop further bloodshed, she’ll have to confront a monster.

Dog Rose Dirt is a bit of a departure for Jen Williams, this is a beautifully written and addictive novel featuring a daughter searching for the truth about her mothers suicide. The why of it will take her back into a haunted past and put her firmly in the sights of a serial killer…

Heather Evans is a really well layered and intriguing protagonist in a very human way..her taut relationship with her mother has always somewhat informed her sense of self..she takes the reader with her on this journey of discovery and the story is emotionally complex in the underneath of it all.

Added to that you have a strong horror vibe in the serial killer aspects and a terrific unpredictable plot with a well honed mystery element that will keep you turning those pages into the early hours. Then, probably, jumping nervously at every creak of the house.

Overall a terrific read. Quality writing and a right old page turner.

Watch out for this in July. Recommended.

You can purchase Dog Rose Dirt (Harper Collins) here.

Happy reading!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Totally agree, it was such a treat to read it,couldn’t put it down

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