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So a little about me..I’m an avid reader of anything. I tend to love crime fiction, anything ever written by Stephen King, Young Adult books, Post apocalyptic stories, Urban fantasy, psychological thrillers (most especially those with a twist in the tale)  and Science Fiction. But give me anything and I’ll try it at least once – I have recently gained a new respect for literary fiction and that terrible term “chick lit” as people will keep making me read things and I find myself unexpectedly enjoying it! I am a Mum with two little boys and one big girl, a de facto single parent who also works for Tesco (Every Little Helps) in a job that I love.  All reviews are my genuine thoughts and feelings about the novels I have read, my blog also has regular ongoing reading type features and the odd drop in guest post and many other things.

If you are a publisher or author who would like to send me a book to review please contact me via Twitter @Lizzy11268 or via email or if you know me already just send it on over to 1 Scampton Close, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 4FF. Those unexpected treats through the letterbox are always wonderful and I try my best to get to every single one eventually.

I also purchase many books monthly, a true book shop addict,  so my reading list is a maelstrom of beautiful proofs, beautiful finished purchased copies (often one of each) and therefore I am forever reading by impulse and mood.

Please note: All reviews on this website are my intellectual property – please feel free to quote from them with appropriate reference to the blog.

Other things I do:

On a freelance basis I am a submissions reader for Orenda books and an Editor at Manatee Books Ltd.  I am happy to provide such services as first draft reading, editorial feedback, slush pile reading for publishers or agents and beta reading. I can be contacted with any enquiries on the email address shown above.

My Review Policy:

I do not really have any hard and fast rules – when I claim to read anything that is quite literally true. However I am impulsive and often over enthusiastic in the number I take on, so I would ask that if you need something read by a particular date you say so clearly in any request and then possibly shout at me about it again a few times before that date approaches. Whilst I try very hard to read advance copies prior to release or upon release it does not always happen because I DO read on impulse and the book gets my full attention and therefore a truly heartfelt response if I’m reading by mood not by schedule.

Occasionally this will mean I’ll read a book that is due out in August in January but the one that is due out in January won’t be read until March. You get the point – I think its best to be honest about these things. The reasoning behind it is I nearly gave up the blog due to extreme pressure of having to read THIS by THIS date instead of just picking up a book for the sheer joy of it – now that is all I do. It SHOULD be about the love of the reading and now it always is. Most of the time this works out well all round – however I am NOT precious about being given a little push, do feel free to chase me in a friendly chiding way and I will do my best to reassess the never ending book pile.

I am happy to be part of blog tours.

I will read E-book OR Real book but if given a choice will pick the real book every time. As I’m aware of the cost situation on proof copies however, again I am not insistent. The story is the thing….it gets told the same both ways.

Copies of reviews are also posted on Goodreads and Amazon (where I am currently a top 500 reviewer for the UK site and hover around the top 1000 on Amazon.Com )  I am a netgalley advocate and have a 90% plus ratio there. I am a bookbridgr reviewer and social media fanatic who especially loves tweeting about what Im reading- I review for love not money – the joy of a good book is priceless.

Read for the love of it always! I hope you enjoy Liz Loves Books and find your next great read here.

Happy Reading Folks!


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  1. Hi Liz
    I have a novel I would like to offer for possible review. It is written under the name nj alexander and is called past present future a social network thriller. It’s general genre would be psychological/mystery/contemporary women and is available as ebook and paperback. The publisher is Roundfire (an imprint of John hunt publishing). It isn’t time sensitive as it was released at the end of May, but will be working with a publicist for a second wave of pr in October.

    If you think it would be of interest then please let me know along with your preferred format for reading.

    I hope to hear from you.
    Kind regards

  2. Hello Liz! I have nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award

    Hope you day is a good one 🙂

  3. Theresa Braun says:

    Dear Liz,
    I was hoping you would be interested in reviewing my story “Dead over Heels” (approximately 11K words–so it’s a short read). It’s part romance/chick lit (which thankfully you don’t hate), part crime, and part ghost story. Veronica goes on a very promising first date with Sebastian, only for them to have a supernatural experience at the restaurant that breaks open demons from their past that threaten to destroy them…will the relationship survive–and will they? I promise there is a twist at the end!

    In case you’d like to check out the post on Amazon:

    If you are interested, I would happily send you a PDF, mobi, or another ebook version of your choice.

    Thanks so much for your time and consideration,
    Kindest regards,

  4. Robert Eggleton says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in an author interview. I’m working on the answers to your questions now and will send you an update. The final edition of Rarity from the Hollow was released in December. — Robert

  5. Ken Bruen says:

    Dear Liz
    I am truly amazed at the sheer depth and quality of your reading.Your love of books is exhilarating and you write like an inspired angel.
    Just an awesome blog.
    warmest wishes

  6. Hi

    I’m the author of The Things We Learn When We’re Dead (Accent Press). It’s my second novel, and I live in East Lothian.

    The book is set in Edinburgh and East Lothian, and has had good reviews.

    Essentially, it’s a modern reworking for an adult readership of The Wizard of Oz – how a young woman in tragic circumstances looks back at her life.

    I would be delighted to send a copy for review, or take part in a blog.

    Perhaps of interest, at the book launch someone told me about this link:

    I had no idea that the original Emerald City in the film was based on Edinburgh Castle…and the strange thing is that the Emerald City my character creates is also based on Edinburgh Castle.


    Charlie Laidlaw

  7. Marni Graff says:

    Dear Liz,

    Loved your review of Val McDermid’s latest and see you adore Elizabeth Haynes, too. I know both and review them on my crime review blog, and have interviewed them previously.

    I hear you loud and clear on timely reviews. That being said, I have the 4th out in The Nora Tierney English Mysteries, which has won a few US awards, and am trying to enlarge my UK presence. This one has chapters set in Bath, Oxford and Brighton, and the bookshop owner whose shop is used as a setting in Bath is now carrying my books. One bookshop at a time!

    I’d love you to review the book and there is no pressure from me on when you would read it. Might I send you a hard copy across the pond?

    All best regards,
    Marni Graff

  8. Mia says:

    Dear Liz,

    I have just discovered your blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE the dossier look. I also like your style of articles – short and to the point.

    Just wanted to reach out and send virtual hugs. Keep up the great work!

  9. Guy Portman says:

    Hi Liz,

    I am contacting you to ask whether you might be interested in reviewing my forthcoming book, Sepultura.

    This is the Amazon link:

    Sepultura is the sequel to the satirical black comedy, Necropolis –

    Sepultura can be read as a standalone novel

    Here are the details:

    Title: Sepultura

    Author: Guy Portman

    Genre: Black Comedy/Crime

    Word Count: 68,263

    The Blurb:

    A sociopath can only keep up a façade for so long.

    Dyson Devereux is a busy man, with a challenging new job at Paleham Council and a young son. He would be coping just fine were it not for crass colleagues, banal bureaucracy and contemptible clothes. He is not going to take it lying down.

    Because beneath Dyson’s charming, Italian delicacy-consuming veneer lurks something sinister. As his personal and professional lives threaten to spiral out of control, will Dyson’s true nature be revealed?

    Compulsive and brimming with satirical wit, Sepultura is a caustic black comedy featuring an unforgettable sociopath.

    “My kind of black comedy. You’ll either love Dyson, or love to hate him” — Sandra Seymour, Author of Breed: Slayer

    “A satirical gem” — Reader

    “Sociopathic comedy at its best” — Adam Riley, Comedian

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    Guy Portman

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