Top Ten of 2023.

Welcome. The blog has been on hiatus for a while but here we are on the verge of 2024 so I thought a great way to reboot things was to tell you about my favourite reads of 2023.

There were many. I have whittled it down at great mental cost to my reading brain which would like to acknowledge every great book I read this year.

Next years no 1 may already have been stolen by my great friend and awesome writer Chris Whitaker but we’ll see eh? But you should all, definitely, get your hands on a copy of “All The Colours of the Dark” when it comes out in 2024.

Right here we go.


Paradise 1 by David Wellington was by far the best science fiction novel I have read in years. Pacy, addictive and insanely brilliant. I need book 2 now.


Killing Jericho by William Hussey had an outstanding main protagonist, a clever and emotional plot and was my first one sitting read of the year. Once again I’m desperate for the next book.


The Rule of Three was a novel I was present for the making of. I saw it grow from a great idea to a brilliant novel and was hooked at every stage. The final finished book is an absolute literary delight and offers an unexpected, clever and intense narrative. Watch this space. I have zero doubt there is bigger and better to come from this Sam Ripley fellow.


The Actor is a 2024 book but read in ’23 and must have a spot here because it was an excellent, beautifully written psychological thriller. There are a lot of novels in that genre that follow the path of least resistance but The Actor is a proper old page turner that doesn’t chase the predictable twist but is twisty none the less. Really terrific.


Looking Glass Sound is ghostly and ephemeral, it gets you emotionally and as ever for Catriona Ward, is brilliantly done and an absolute pleasure to read, first page to last.


Talk about messing with your head, being impossible to put down and super clever. That’s Rabbit Hole for you and I recommend getting yourself a copy and settling in for the day.


Oh what to say. This series from Jane Casey is the best police procedural series that isn’t really a police procedural series out there. The Close is an epic reason why this is the case but read them all and do it now. I’m lucky enough to already be knee deep into the next one and I’m predicting a 2024 top ten place for that one too.


Will Carver has had my no 1 before and I have no doubt will do again but this year he sits comfortably at no 3 with Upstairs at The Beresford – a crazy, impossible to put down, insanely insightful clever narrative that you’ll never see coming. So so good



Oh my gosh. This nearly pipped my no 1 to the post and in any other year it certainly would have made the top spot. I have not, for many many years, been as on the edge of my seat as I was during the reading of this absolutely fantastic book. Emotionally resonant and so heart stopping I suggest having plenty of chocolate to hand. Amazing. A must read in 2024.


And finally my top pick for 2023.

Beth Lewis has yet to write a book that hasn’t taken my top spot. It was a bit of a closer run thing this year but Beth just simply writes books I want to read. Children Of The Sun was just outside my reading deadlines for last year’s list, I read this in December of 2022. And it says something that it remained unbeaten for all of 2023. Despite the many fantastic books I read. A cult novel but not like any you’ve read before, you should not miss this.


Another year over. Hope you find something to dig into from my favourites of 2023..I’ll be doing some shout outs for those that narrowly missed the top ten over on X on this new year’s eve so join me @Lizzy11268 if you’d like any more of my recommendations

A Happy New Year to you all.

Top Ten


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