The Closer I Get Paul Burston Blog tour review.

Tom is a successful author, but he’s struggling to finish his novel. His main distraction is an online admirer, Evie, who simply won’t leave him alone. Evie is smart, well read and unstable; she lives with her father and her social-media friendships are not only her escape, but everything she… Continue reading

Latest Reads False Prophet James Hazel.

A secret buried for two thousand years. The rise of an ancient evil.An invisible killer who will stop at nothing.  When a brutal serial killer defies all known methods, the police call in prolific lawyer and former homicide detective, Charlie Priest, to assist the hunt.  Working together they soon discover a… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Girls Like Us Christina Alger.

FBI Agent Nell Flynn is about to work the most personal case of her life. When her father Martin dies in a motorcycle accident, Nell returns home to Long Island for the first time in a decade. Martin, a homicide detective, left one piece of unfinished business. He was investigating… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Then She Vanishes Claire Douglas.

Jess and Heather were once best friends – until the night Heather’s sister Flora vanished. The night that lies tore their friendship apart. But years later, when a brutal double murder shakes their childhood town, Jess returns home. Because the suspect is Heather. What happened to the girl you used… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Three Beths Jeff Abbott.

My mum would never leave me. This has been Mariah Dunning’s motto. So when she glimpses her mother – who’s been missing for the past year – Mariah’s conviction becomes stronger than ever. Or is she losing her mind? An unlikely coincidence?When Beth Dunning disappeared without a trace, suspicion for… Continue reading

Review catch up. Rewind. Catherine Ryan Howard.

PLAYAndrew, the manager of Shanamore Holiday Cottages, watches his only guest via a hidden camera in her room. One night the unthinkable happens: a shadowy figure emerges onscreen, kills her and destroys the camera. But who is the murderer? How did they know about the camera? And how will Andrew… Continue reading

The Stories You Tell Kristen Lepionka. Blog tour review.

A 3am phone call is never good news. Private investigator Roxane Weary receives a panicked call from her brother, Andrew: his one-time fling, Addison, who turned up at his apartment the night before drunk, bloodied and hysterical, has gone missing. As police suspicion quickly falls on her brother, Roxane knows she… Continue reading