Dominion – Interview with Jennifer Ridyard

Today I am very happy to host an interview with Jennifer Ridyard – brilliant co-writer of the (really excellent) Chronicles of the Invaders – written with awesome author John Connolly.   * What would you say were the key influences behind this series? John Connolly (my co-writer) and I were… Continue reading

Black Night Falling – Neil White talks to Rod Reynolds….

To celebrate the release of  Black Night Falling I used my super book powers (well you know, I asked them nicely) to magically have super legal eagle and scarily good crime writer Neil White appear and have a  chat to (the equally scarily good even if he’d be useless in… Continue reading

The Last Days of Jack Sparks – Interview with Jason Arnopp.

VERY happy to be taking part in the Jack Sparks blog tour today – ESPECIALLY as it allowed me to throw some questions at the beautifully crazy but blatantly hugely talented Mr Jason Arnopp. Here is the result of that and details on the book and link to my review… Continue reading