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Wicked Leaks comes out in the US today and to celebrate that fact I threw my 20 questions at the wonderfully creative Matt Bendoris. Wicked Leaks is a positively brilliant book – one which I shall be reviewing very soon but at the moment illness prevents my words making too much sense – so instead you could check out this spot on review from the indomitable Gordon at Grab This Book. 


SO Wicked Leaks – what’s that all about then…

A night nurse who sits with terminal patients. One claims he was involved in the assassination of Princess Diana. And he’s got the proof – the white Fiat Uno is in his garage. Or at least it was…

You are a journalist (am I supposed to shout BOOOOO at this stage?) – what do you mainly report on/write about and is it worth buying your paper for?

I’ve been a features writer for 25 years and I love it. I do a lot of light showbiz nonsense but also quite a lot of politics as it’s almost the new showbiz these days. I spent the whole day and night with Alex Salmond during the Scottish referendum, so it leads to some incredible experiences, most of which end up in my books

Favourite kind of cheese.


DM for Murder was a book I loved VERY much but I don’t know why. Do you know why?

Because I murder “Piers Morgan”?

That is possibly it…

If you are stuck on a desert island with 4 really random famous people which random famous people would you choose and why?

Ben Elton – possibly my favourite author as I love his satire and social commentary. Alex Salmond – regardless of politics he’s a highly entertaining person and I enjoy his company immensely. The Krankies – my first book was ghost writing their 2004 autobiography Fan-Dabi-Dozi. They have both become good friends and are about the funniest people I know. Diana Gabaldon – the Outlander author is not only one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met, but she’s great company. She’s also been very kind and generous to me as an author.

Do you do your best work during the day or in the dark depths of the night?

Morning. The 9.05 Croy to Queen Street train. Just a 15 minute journey but without it – and the many ScotRail delays and cancellations – I wouldn’t be onto my 4th novel.

One piece of technology you couldn’t live without

Originally my BlackBerry. I typed my first crime novel Killing With Confidence on it. I could tap the hell out of its tiny keyboard. The iPhone replacement has been a pain in the ass.

How many other authors make you jealous – in fact whose work would you steal and pass off as your own if you could get away with it.

The aforementioned Ben Elton and Chart Throb or Dead Famous I’d happily claim as my own. But I think anyone doing it professionally, really. I’m not really jealous, I’d just like to doth my cap to them all. You’re doing it. Living the dream. Just remember to be kind to those further down the food chain!

What are you writing now and why haven’t I read it already?

Rollover And Die – the murder of a Euromillions winner on a tough Glasgow housing estate. Coming your way soon, Liz

Most embarrassing moment of your life so far.

Wow good question. There’s so many to choose from. But I’ll go for one of the earliest memories…I was part of a childrens’ circus – true story. We were on the 80s ITV kids’ show Get Fresh with Gaz Top and some lassie I can’t remember. Backstage during rehearsals at George Square in Glasgow I’m doing bunny hops on my unicycle – showing off – when my pedal broke and I ended up in an undignified heap in front of the other guests Mick Hucknall and Muriel Grey. Thankfully we never met again.

Is there anything that makes you sob like a baby?

? My daughter’s end of year show.

Tell me why readers should read Wicked Leaks in 10 words or less..

Princess Diana. Explosions. Betrayal. Bit of how’s your father.

Now do that again for the US audience.

Booms. Betrayal. Banging.

Who would you call to help you bury the body and why?

Diana Gabaldon. If anyone could get away with it, she could!

One piece of music that you turn to in times of stress

Rumours – the whole album

One thing that irrationally irritates you when reading

Filler chapters. Can spot them a mile away.

One thing that irrationally irritates you in life

. Jamie Oliver.

What was for breakfast this morning?

Porridge, of course

One person in your life who inspires you

Sir Andy Murray. Has never settled for this typical British glorious loser shit. Great guy to interview as well, when you can get near him.

How much do you hate me right now?

Not at all. Great questions. You’re the best!

Thanks Matt! 

About the Book:

Assigned to care for a terminally-ill patient who claims to have killed Princess Diana, nurse Kelly Carter dismisses him as nothing more than a delusional fantasist. But Monahan has proof, and directs Kelly to an abandoned garage, where she discovers a beaten-up white Fiat Uno with French license plates matching the description of the vehicle that has eluded the British and French authorities for decades. When the garage goes up in flames minutes after her visit, Kelly realizes that she’s involved in something more dangerous than just caring for a patient.

Meanwhile, mismatched journalists April Lavender and Connor Presley are involved in the investigation of a shadowy website leaking nasty government secrets on a daily basis. When beastshamer.com threatens to reveal the truth about Diana’s death, April and Connor begin to investigate in hopes of finding their next front-page story. After two deadly explosions lead them right to Kelly, all three set out to uncover the truth surrounding the death of the beloved princess–before Kelly becomes the next victim in a deadly cover-up that goes all the way up to England’s MI5.

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