2016 Spotlight: Chasing Embers James Bennett


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Source: Netgalley

Behind every myth, there’s a spark of truth…

There’s nothing special about Ben Garston. He’s just a guy with an attitude in a beat-up leather jacket, drowning his sorrows in a downtown bar. Or so he’d have you believe.

What Ben Garston can’t let you know is that he was once known as Red Ben. That the world of myth and legend isn’t just a fantasy, as we’ve been led to believe. And he certainly can’t let you know the secret of what’s hiding just beneath his skin…

But not even Ben knows what kind of hell is about to break loose. A centuries-old rivalry has just resurfaced, and the delicate balance between his world and ours is about to be shattered.

Urban fantasy (yay) and dragons (yay) this book seemed like the perfect fit for me when I’m in the mood for this sort of thing and with more yay I was right. Thoroughly enjoyed this one, kick ass start to kick ass finish.

I do love a book that has intensely exciting action scenes, divisive characters and a kind of enigmatic flow to it which Chasing Embers has in spades. I like the history as mythology angle, Ben as a character (and a dragon no less) is so beautifully flawed in a kind of useless hilarious way (but somehow muddles through) that I got totally tangled up in his world and the descriptive sense of it is wonderful. I banged through it in record time.

The world building is carefully clever – the author manages the (rather huge) amount of backstory well and even though there is an info dump feel to some of the narrative ultimately it all fits together and creates a real sense and  feeling for the world that our characters inhabit. I love how James Bennett writes in a style entirely his own and with a good eye towards the building up (and knocking down) of the “people” we meet within the pages. There is both adventure and romance, action and contemplation – all the required elements for really excellent urban fantasy are there in the mix and handled in unique style. Call me a convert…

Chasing Embers is fiery, full on, imaginative fun. I’m ready for book 2 now if we could hurry that along please.



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