2016 Spotlight: Death do us Part by Steven Dunne


Publication Date: 5th May 2016 from Headline

Source: Netgalley

DI Damen Brook is on a rare period of leave and determined to make the most of it by re-connecting with his daughter Terri. But with her heavy drinking proving a challenge, Brook takes the opportunity to visit a local murder scene when his help is requested.
An elderly couple have each been executed with a single shot to the heart and the method echoes that of a middle-aged gay couple killed the previous month.
With the same killer suspected and the officer currently in charge nearing retirement, Brook knows that he has little choice but to cut short his leave when forced by his superiors to take the lead on the case.
Brook believes that he can catch this ruthless killer, but already distracted by Terri’s problems, is he about to make a fatal mistake and lead the killer right to his own door?

Always been a fan of the Brook series me, this one was a corker. I’m liking them more and more with each passing book. Bang on crime fiction is what this is.

Anyway, theres probably not an awful lot I can say that I havent said before on these, Death Do Us Part was pretty much what I’ve come to expect from this author – good solid beautiful writing, plots with cohesive and addictive quality and a bunch of realistically flawed characters both heroes and villains.

The two elements that go into the making of a brilliant crime series – individual cases with twisty turny plots and ongoing life development for our returning favourites – are both here in spades. I have a massive book crush on Brook – in this novel his challenging and ever changing relationship with his daughter comes into much sharper focus and made up some of my favourite parts of this particular instalment.

On the mystery front there are several levels here, as ever Steven Dunne takes us all round the houses, back again, then through some woods for good measure – prepare for muddy boots as you attempt to unravel all the threads that lead to a resolution. It is fast, pacy yet intuitive puzzle making and Brook sits at the heart of it with his unique perception and values that have grown over time.  Things creep up on you and the emotional core that I have to have in a book for it to engage me is here as it always is so really I have nothing to complain about at all.

Well except now I have to wait for more. Really. Its just not on.

Highly Recommended

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Happy Reading Folks!

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