2016 Spotlight: The Disciple – Stephen Lloyd Jones.


Publication Date: 6th October from Headline

Source: Netgalley

They are coming…

On a storm-battered road at the edge of the Devil’s Kitchen, a woman survives a fatal accident and gives birth to a girl who should never have lived.

The child’s protection lies in the hands of Edward Schwinn – a loner who must draw himself out of darkness to keep her safe – and her arrival will trigger a chain of terrifying events that no one can explain.

She is a child like no other, being hunted by an evil beyond measure.

For if the potential within her is realised, nothing will be the same. Not for Edward. Not for any who live to see it.

The Disciple is an intriguing and somewhat different speculative thriller of the type I’ve come to expect from this author following the intensely excellent The String Diaries and the equally good Written in the Blood both of which I would also recommend.

We follow the story of Piper – a very special girl, born in fire and violence and destined to change our world – if only she can survive long enough. What I loved about this was the clever divisive plotting, the playing with the idea that Piper may not be a force for good, with those sworn to protect her and those sworn to destroy her, neither side being immediately obvious as “the good guys”

The Disciple is fast paced – moving through Piper’s childhood rapidly, with much action along the way, interspersed with more considered moments as the truth behind her existence is slowly revealed. It makes for a twisty gorgeously addictive read towards the end I could not put it down. There are strong characters, each beautifully layered with hidden motives and the whole thing was entirely fascinating.

Loved it. I assume there will be more. I hope so.

Highly Recommended.

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