A Boy Called Christmas….


Publication Date: Available Now from Canongate

Source: Purchased copy. Or more accurately copies. I have 2 boys. one each or FIGHT. Plus Mum wanted one (Mum got reindeer food with hers…)

You are about to read the true story of Father Christmas.
It is a story that proves that nothing is impossible.
If you are one of those people who believe that some things are impossible, you should put this book down right away. It is most certainly not for you.
Because this book is FULL of impossible things.

Are you still reading?


Then let us begin . . .

There may be a more adulty review from me at some stage but I wouldn’t count on it as right now I’m a big kid again.

A Boy Called Christmas is, as my son Harry put it upon finishing , “absolutely awesome”.

I could probably leave it there. Harry is 8. He knows more than me on these things, I bow to his superior knowledge. But as it is a sort of review, I’ll expand a bit.

Lots of people have talked about how wonderful and magical it is (true)

Others have mentioned that it has its darker moments. (also true)

What I’d like to say (apart from Matt Haig you TOTALLY rock) goes more towards my reading experience of it – this was very much a family affair, two tiny terrors, one often harassed looking mother, bedtime, a chapter or two. Read out loud, through much laughter (not always at the story, Harry’s sounding out of the occasional word he’s unsure of can end up changing the entire meaning of the universe) a lot of going back and reading bits again that we loved and eventually a hot chocolate and marshmallow finish.

If you like reading with your children, if you like a story to read with them that will utterly engage them AND you (this is a book for kids of any age), that offers so much more than just a darn good yarn (want to know about Ho Ho Ho? Yeah you do..) then I would highly recommend this one. Its one that you know you can cope with the million and one times your children are going to want to hear it again.  Or read it again themselves and shout about it.

For me, A Boy Called Christmas is the literary equivalent of Love Actually. You’ll sneakily read it all year round upon occasion but come Christmas it’ll be one of the things that define the holiday season for you. Which reminds me…it’s probably time to dig out the Richard Curtis collection…

A classic in the making? Oh I would think so. I mean none of us will be around to be sure, so actually why the heck not confidentally say that this book will still be read in 100 years and loved by future generations. I believe it.

On a slightly more serious note – this is truly excellent. In every way you can think of and then a few more ways on top of that too. The writing is great, the story is oh so terrific, an imaginative journey, a new take on an age old tale and as such is incredibly powerful.

Back to the important stuff – I’m a bit (ok a lot) bah humbug. But occasionally the Christmas Spirit (the REAL one not the commercial rubbish or the endless pressure to conform and be GODARN HAPPY its that time of year) gets driven into my heart by something. This book did it. So theres that. Its ok…it’ll wear off. Which presumably means I’ll then have to read it again. Perhaps on my own this time.

A great gift this Christmas. A beautiful looking book that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Here is where you can find Matt hanging out shooting the breeze on Twitter: https://twitter.com/matthaig1

And if you want to find the magic for yourself clickety click. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Boy-Called-Christmas-Matt-Haig/dp/178211789X

Happy Christmas Reading Folks!

Darn is it the 17th December already? I need to find myself an elf….





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