Best of the week: The Trials Of Koli M R Carey.

Beyond the walls of Koli’s small village lies a fearsome landscape filled with choker trees, vicious beasts and shunned men. As an exile, Koli’s been forced to journey out into this mysterious, hostile world. But he heard a story, once. A story about lost London, and the mysterious tech of the Old Times that may still be there. If Koli can find it, there may still be a way for him to redeem himself – by saving what’s left of humankind

First things first this is book 2 of a trilogy so if you have not yet read book one you really should.

The Trials of Koli is fantastic, continuing the story, adding in more detail to the world, even taking us back to Koli’s village to see the aftermath of his departure.

Pacy and addictive,The Trials of Koli takes you on a journey across a ravaged country, where even the trees can kill you and their only protection is technology from a long dead world. Koli is determined to get where he is going, with his rag tag group and the whole thing is brilliantly thrilling and pitch perfectly written.

I loved it. Oh my gosh I can’t wait for book 3. Bring it on!

Highly recommended.

You can purchase The Trials Of Koli (Orbit) Here.

Happy reading!

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