Binary Witness/Code Runner Rosie Claverton – Blog Tour Review.

Publication Date: April 19th from Crime Scene Books

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A young woman trapped by her fear, a young man pursued by his past, a murderer hunting the Cardiff streets by night. Agoraphobic hacker Amy Lane employs ex-con Jason Carr as a cleaner. When the police `borrow’ Amy’s skills to help track down the killer, Amy and Jason become a crime-fighting team, Amy on her computer, Jason on the streets.

Really enjoyed this short, clever story – I do love a good hacker tale and Amy Lane is a highly engaging and intriguing character to follow along with.

This is almost like an origins story – Amy is agoraphobic, her past shrouded in mystery – when the police need Amy’s skills to track down a killer she teams up with the ever fascinating Jason who can roam the mean streets while she stays behind her computer…

Rosie Claverton writes with a vivid, visual prose and I loved how Amy was portrayed – realistic in her illness – and how the two of them, Jason and Amy made the perfect readable team. The mystery element was well done and a little creepy – this is a short novel, one that lends itself to a quick read on a day of train journeys – and I loved it. I was very happy at the end to have book 2 handy……

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Agoraphobic grey-hat hacker Amy Lane and her sidekick ex-con Jason Carr make a formidable crime-fighting team, but when Jason investigates a body washed up on a beach, the duo find themselves in over their heads in a world of drug-smuggling, conspiracy and cyber crime. Can Amy rescue Jason? At what cost?

Moving on to the second book in this series, this time Jason is in trouble and Rosie Claverton kicks her writing skills up a gear – this had a whole different feel to it whilst being reliably realistic in it’s portrayal of our two heroes.

Again it is very visual, very very addictive and a quick, hugely satisfying read. The author has not fallen any way into the trap of writing the same book twice – there are intriguing developments in the back stories plus a continuation of the relationship between Jason and Amy – but their case this time is very different involving drug smuggling and various shenanigans and is plotted very differently to the first novel.

What makes these books are the two main characters though – to me they are unlike any other crime duo I’m reading about at the moment (and I read a lot of crime) which makes for a refreshing change. I shall be sticking with this series- huge huge potential.

Highly Recommended, the pair of them.

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    Amazing! Thanks Liz x

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