Bloody Scotland, Bloody Marvellous. Part One.


So this last weekend I attended the Bloody Scotland festival in Stirling, had a brilliant time, saw some great panels with some great authors – met up with good friends and found some new ones. The whole thing was relaxed, inclusive and for a bookish person the very definition of heaven. Over the next few days and onward I’ll be talking more specifically about the experience – and I have dragged a few of the participants kicking and screaming into doing some guest bits for me – so keep an eye out. I’d also HIGHLY recommend thinking about coming along next year. Nothing like plenty of notice.

Today’s post serves as a “Watch this Space” teaser – but to wet the appetite, and as I did not arrive until late Friday and missed the opening events, here are some pictures for you of how it all began, with Whose Crime is it Anyway and Val McDermid with Peter May.

All images thanks to the fantastic Bloody Scotland press photographer Eoin Carey. 

Whose Crime is it Anyway – with Hardeep Singh Kohli, comedian and TV presenter and authors Christopher Brookmyre, Kevin Wignall and Caro Ramsay improvising a new novel on the spot. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all…

BloodyScotland15 - eoincarey_0329BloodyScotland15 - eoincarey_0353

BloodyScotland15 - eoincarey_0193BloodyScotland15 - eoincarey_0312

BloodyScotland15 - eoincarey_0240BloodyScotland15 - eoincarey_0270

Val McDermid and Peter May trade stories of murder and mayhem.

BloodyScotland15 - eoincarey_0052BloodyScotland15 - eoincarey_0107

BloodyScotland15 - eoincarey_0095BloodyScotland15 - eoincarey_0132

BloodyScotland15 - eoincarey_0161

See? Looks like fun already right? LOTS more to come later this week – tomorrow I’ll be talking Killer Women- Deadlier than the Male a brilliant panel I attended on Saturday morning where Helen Giltrow, MJ McGrath and Louise Millar discussed womens relationship to violence in crime fiction and whether men and women write and read crime fiction differently. It was fascinating trust me.


Happy Reading!



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  1. carol says:

    Did you get a chance to see the wonderful Alexandra Sokoloff? I hope so. This festival looks amazing! Cant wait to see you next posts.

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