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After convicting a superior for corruption and shooting off a gangster’s crown jewels, the career of Hamburg’s most hard-bitten state prosecutor, Chastity Riley, has taken a nose dive: she has been transferred to the tedium of witness protection to prevent her making any more trouble. However, when she is assigned to the case of an anonymous man lying under police guard in hospital – almost every bone in his body broken, a finger cut off, and refusing to speak in anything other than riddles – Chastity’s instinct for the big, exciting case kicks in.

German Noir – A whole new ball game for me as a reader – loved it.

Blue Night is sharply written with a staccato sense to it that once you get used to it really draws you in. The vagaries of the German legal system following state prosecutor Chastity Riley (in the first of a series) and a very different style to it makes Blue Night  a beautifully drawn story with a strangely compelling way of plotting.

Dark themes abound as Chastity, now in witness protection, senses a larger picture surrounding “Jo” an unidentified man brought to hospital after being severely beaten. We fall into the underground of corruption and drugs, and the way the story is told with interspersed entries from other characters allows for a truly intriguing and often unexpected set of circumstances to play out. I loved the character of Chastity, who is cleverly drawn

Overall Blue Knight is fast, considered and written beautifully. Very different. I like different. It’s refreshing.

Highly Recommended.

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  1. Karen says:

    BRILLIANT REVIEW!! Love it!!

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