Books I WISH were movies…..Or TV Shows.

So, a little while ago I talked about those books that had been made into Films or Television shows and which ones I felt worked and which ones did not. Now I’m going to take a look at a few books I WISH they would snap up and do something with.  I guess its difficult to pick…after all not everything can be as successful as Game of Thrones or Twilight.



Lets start with this little gem I read recently from Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg.  A brilliant adventure, with witty characters who, I’m guessing, would end up looking beautiful on screen this is perfect film material. In fact I would not be at all surprised to see it in movie form at some point in the future – Sadly I think George Clooney is becoming a little long in the tooth to play Nick Fox because in his younger years for me he would have been spot on perfect. The nice thing about this novel is there are going to be more starring Fox and O’Hare so in my mind it would probably work just as well as a tv series – following on in the footsteps of such shows as Leverage and White Collar I’m sure it would be extremely popular. I have not yet cast Ms O’Hare in my head…so if anyone else has read it…you tell me!




Another recent read for me (see coming soon for review) and this one would definitely make an amazing movie. A game of chance (or is it?) lots of wonderfully intricate characters and a mystery to boot, I can see it visually with no difficulty at all. I imagine the ambience of the movie to be something like “The Sixth Sense” all dark shadows and subtle clues to the outcome, if done properly it would be truly amazing. I can see it appealing to a wide audience as a character driven mystery piece and the backdrop of University life is a perfect setting. If I ruled the world…..




Lets move on. Tv series anyone? Well, Neil White’s novels starring Reporter Jack and Police Officer Laura would be a terrific serial show. You will be able to learn more about Mr White during favourite authors week and again towards the end of September when his latest standalone novel “Next to Die” is released. I’m reading it at the moment, yes I can see that being a film as well. But I digress..back to the point. I can see this being great because there are some terrific stories involved here already, and I imagine it would be easy for script writers to add their own spin for future tales. Tv shows work well when you have two terrific main protagonists who also make the perfect partnership – each bringing something to the whole and having the ability to be people you relate to and care about. The relationship that exists between the pair would also translate well to screen…I keep changing my mind on the casting for this particular imaginary adaptation – perhaps I need more of their story to be sure…over to you Mr White.




There are oh so many I could go on about but for my final choices I have gone with one for the television and one for the film medium. Lets start with Jane Casey’s terrific “Maeve Kerrigan” books. A strong, independent and yet quirky female lead, backed up by many weird and wonderful characters…yes I DO want to see Derwent on my television screen and no I have no idea who would bring the most to the role – this would make what a terrific television series. Mainly because it could be both light hearted and witty (Maeve does get herself into some scrapes) yet dark and really quite terrifying if the tales are told properly. Again if I ruled the world…

Moving on to The Straw Men trilogy from Michael Marshall – as a trilogy it would make a marvellous set of films. Yes you WOULD have to be 18+ to watch them – no sanitising or it would not work – but if you like films such as “Seven” and “The Silence of the Lambs” then you would love a movie, cleverly done, of “The Straw Men” Again characters are key – The casting of Ward Hopkins, John Zandt and The Upright Man would be key to making this “pop” as I call it – but if they got that right this would be scary yet fun….a serial killer thriller with heart.




So over to you. Tell me do – which books would you LOVE to see turned into terrific movies or television shows. Classics that have been missed perhaps – or that next great show that is going to conquer the world…Game of Thrones is a phenomenon – can you pick the next great thing?

Casting is key. In all.

Happy Reading Folks!





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  1. Stephanie Rothwell says:

    I would love to see the books by Jonathan Kellerman made into a TV series, along with Peter James, C J Sansom ( I vaguely remember this being on the cards a few years ago). Tim Weaver would also be interesting.

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