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“My husband is trying to kill me.” A new client gets straight to the point, and this line of enquiry is a whole new ball game for Maggie Laird, who is desperately trying to rebuild her late husband’s detective agency and clear his name. Her partner, “Big” Wilma, sees the case as a non-starter, but Maggie is drawn in.

With her client’s life on the line, Maggie must get to the ugly truth that lies behind Aberdeen’s closed doors. But who knows what really goes on between husbands and wives? And will the agency’s reputation – and Maggie and Wilma’s friendship – remain intact? 

Very happy was I to return to the world of Harcus and Laird – the most brilliantly humerous duo of the crime genre – older ladies, struggling to keep their detective agency afloat and having an absolutely compelling and often divisive friendship at the same time.

Burnout is a story that includes some highly socially relevant and currently hot topic themes –  Claire Macleary explores the attitudes and relationships between men and women in various ways, always with taut, addictive plotting. some lighter moments from our pair and isn’t afraid to explore the dark angles and emotive nuances that comes with writing such a storyline in the current political climate. This makes for an utterly riveting and often unexpected read, absolutely brilliantly done.

Around that we have Wilma and Maggie, who are the very living embodiment of “opposites attract”, their entangled attitudes and wry dry humour keeping things real and keeping you immersed in their world.

Overall this was very excellent indeed. I can’t wait for more from these two – not only new cases but to find out what happens in their eclectic and vibrant private lives.

Highly Recommended.

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