To Keep You Safe Kate Bradley blog tour review.

You don’t know who they are. You don’t know why they’re hunting her. But you know she’s in danger.  What do you do? When teacher Jenni Wales sees 15-year-old Destiny’s black eye, she’s immediately worried. Destiny isn’t your average student: she’s smart, genius IQ smart, and she’s in care. But… Continue reading

Psychological Dean Burnett. Blog tour Guest Post.

About the book: Countless charities and awareness campaigns work tirelessly to show people that mental health problems are common and serious issues. But when it comes to mental health matters, one question that’s rarely asked is…why?    Why are conditions like depression and anxiety so common?    Why is our mental health… Continue reading

This Little Dark Place A S Hatch. Blog tour extract.

Really happy to offer you an extract from the brilliant “This Little Dark Place” today – a tense and unnerving psychological drama which I will be reviewing very soon. Don’t miss out! About the Book How well do you know your girlfriend? How well do you know your lover? How… Continue reading

Getting to Know You with A M Taylor. Innocent Or Guilty blog tour.

Tell us a little about your current novel, what readers can expect from it.. This is a pretty difficult novel to talk about without revealing too much, but it was inspired by my love of true crime podcasts, and fascination with false confessions and wrongful convictions. After writing my previous… Continue reading

Bad Turn Zoe Sharp Blog tour review.

Charlie Fox has quit her job in close protection, been turned out of her apartment, and is apparently out of options. House-sitting in rural New Jersey has to be the pits—TV and TV dinners. A far cry from Iraq… Bulgaria… Afghanistan. Unlucky or not, she happens to be around at… Continue reading

20 Questions For…James Hazel. False Prophet Blog Tour.

Tell us a bit about your latest novel and why we should read it rather than the 6500 others on our book piles. In False Prophet, Charlie Priest is pitted against a prolific serial killer after discovering an ancient scripture containing a secret so deadly that its custodians are prepared… Continue reading

Nothing Else Remains Robert Scragg. Blog tour review.

When Max Brennan’s estranged father and then his own girlfriend go missing in quick succession, he turns to his old friend Detective Jake Porter for help. As Max is then attacked in his own home, Porter and his partner Nick Styles waste no time in investigating. But when their main… Continue reading

Postscript Cecilia Ahern blog tour review.

It’s been seven years since Holly Kennedy’s husband died – six since she read his final letter, urging Holly to find the courage to forge a new life. She’s proud of all the ways in which she has grown and evolved. But when a group inspired by Gerry’s letters, calling… Continue reading

In The Absence Of Miracles Michael Malone. Blog tour review.

John Docherty’s mother has just been taken into a nursing home following a massive stroke and she’s unlikely to be able to live independently again. With no other option than to sell the family home, John sets about packing up everything in the house. In sifting through the detritus of his family’s… Continue reading

The Girl The Sea Gave Back Adrienne Young. Blog tour review.

For as long as she can remember, Tova has lived among the Svell, the people who found her washed ashore as a child and use her for her gift as a Truthtongue. Her own home and clan are long-faded memories, but the sacred symbols and staves inked over every inch… Continue reading