Nothing Else Remains Robert Scragg. Blog tour review.

When Max Brennan’s estranged father and then his own girlfriend go missing in quick succession, he turns to his old friend Detective Jake Porter for help. As Max is then attacked in his own home, Porter and his partner Nick Styles waste no time in investigating. But when their main suspect turns up dead, alongside a list of other targets, it seems the case is much bigger than it first appeared. With events spiraling, can Porter and Styles catch the killer before another victim is claimed?

Nothing Else Remains is a taut crime thriller, engaging characters and an involving plot to keep you turning those pages.

I like the Jake Porter character and always enjoy this authors novels, they are well written and immersive, Nothing Else Remains keeps things intriguing throughout with some twists and turns and an exciting end game.

I look forward to more


You can purchase Nothing Else Remains (Allison & Busby) Here.

Happy Reading!

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