Coming Next Week to Liz Loves Books.

So here we are at yet ANOTHER weekend – where does the time go? Christmas soon. No lets not think about that..

So its been a wonderful week for me on the blog, some great author chats and of course The Humans. No idea how many people that book will touch in its lifetime but I’m guessing the numbers will be large…

Anyway onwards and upwards, lets see what I have for you next week. Hopefully another terrific time and some booky book stuff to keep you happy.



On Monday to celebrate its release I shall be telling you a bit more about “Moon in a Dead Eye” from Pascal Garnier, a wonderfully quirky little novel and you can find out a little bit more about the author along with an extended review of the book and why I loved it.




On Tuesday you can read all about the “Books I wish were movies”. A kind of a follow up piece to some recent articles I wrote about books that then become television shows and movies, this will tell you about the ones that I think SHOULD be converted to visual format. I will include some television talk as well – some books just lend themselves to being terrific television series don’t they? I often wonder why some of them have not been snatched up already….perhaps there will be some here that are already lurking in that netherworld called “development hell” and we don’t know it yet….




On Wednesday I will be talking about Book reviewing. Blogging. “The Pitfalls of Reviewing” is the working title of this article. I have had a wonderful time since starting my blog and I have only been involved with the most wonderful of people – other bloggers, authors, publicists, publishers – all of them terrifically entertaining and funny people who have the same great love of books that I have. Some of my fellow bloggers have not been so lucky all the I shall talk a little about that and also about my feelings about writing bad reviews. Yes I know it should be done…I have an aversion to it and will try and put into words why that is.




On Thursday you can find out more about a lovely lady and terrific writer Martine Mcdonagh. I was lucky enough to “meet” her during the initial stages of my blogging life and I have read and enjoyed both of her wonderful but extremely different books. Find out more about them and also there will be a Q&A with Martine herself where she will talk about writing. And stuff. Look out for that one!




On Friday its all about Kerrigan! Jane Casey writes this series of books – A series I am extremely fond of it has to be said. Maeve Kerrigan is a fantastic quirky character and she has enough tremendously terrific sidekicks to make every single novel in the series an absolute joy to read. Oh and the mysteries are always beautifully mysterious as well. Find out more about the books and the author herself as she joins me for a Q&A. You don’t want to miss this one folks, especially if you have not met Maeve before….


So thats your lot. Hopefully there will be something there to keep you all happy. Once again I am looking forward to the week.

Happy Reading Folks!


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