Coming Next Week to Liz Loves Books.

So yet another week over and its been terrific! Thanks so much to all the authors that took part in the various interviews and thanks for the amazing reads! So what do we have for you next week I wonder?




On Monday I am doing a “Serial Killer Thriller” feature about that terrific sub genre of books that include the scariest of killers. Taking part will be Joe Conlan, Michael Marshall and Luca Veste all of whom have written great titles in this vein. I have asked them all the same questions and you can find reviews of the books as well.




On Tuesday I shall be talking to Rowan Coleman, all about “Woman Walks Into A Bar” – a novella I am going to be encouraging you all to download onto your Kindle as 100% of royalties are going to Refuge. I will tell you a bit about the charity and why they need our support. What a great cause, lets get behind it!



On Wednesday at the request of great Twitter friend Susi Holliday, I shall be answering the A-Z questions on my “My Life in Books”.  Find out what my answers are and see Susi’s here as a little taster.




On Thursday I shall be talking to Joanne Graham all about the wonderful novel Lacey’s House – a favourite recent read of mine from the amazing Legend Press. Looking forward to that one and don’t miss the book!




On Friday I shall be returning to a very popular subject- that of a good twisty tale – and doing a feature called “Beat the Author”. This is a game I play with all twisty tales and so far the only living authors to absolutely beat me are the ones who will be taking part. Erin Kelley and Tina Seskis. They will answer some questions for me and I will also be giving a nod to Agatha Christie – the Queen of Crime- another author who got me every time…


So thats next week. Have a great weekend everyone.


Happy Reading folks!

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