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Manchester: an injured survivor from a motorway pile-up flees the scene, leaving behind evidence that a terror attack is being planned…

Jon Spicer, newly trained as a Specialist Firearms Officer, has joined Manchester police’s Counter Terrorism Unit. Thrown out of his previous department and demoted to Detective Constable, he is being kept in the force only because he’ll take on the most dangerous of jobs.

Iona Khan is struggling to find respect and recognition in the male-dominated Counter Terrorism Unit. Her mind might be sharp, but many of her colleagues value physical strength above anything else.

As the investigation quickly snowballs, Spicer and Khan are thrown together. The two officers must learn to trust each other – and fast. Because in this chase, any wrong move could be your last.

Death Games opens with a bang and basically bangs on from there – fast paced and really rather gripping, involving a possible terrorist attack in Manchester this is one of those books you read fast and get immersed into almost immediately.

I liked Spicer as a character – this is book 8 of a series that I have not read before, but there was enough detail in there to give me a general idea of where he has been – well drawn and I found his interactions with Iona to be one of the strengths of the book, thrown  together in difficult circumstances, with a lot at stake, it made me want to go back and read the previous novels.

The writing is great, engaging and often intense, descriptively speaking very cleverly putting the reader right on the spot, immersive well flowing prose that keeps you hooked. Great plotting to take you on a bit of a thrill ride to the finale, overall I really enjoyed this one and did it in pretty much one sitting.

Top notch crime thriller – I’d recommend giving these a go.

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