Deep Down Dead – the cover revealed! Crime Thriller Girl thrills….

Today I am MOST honoured (alongside good friend and author Mark Hill) to be able to bring you the cover for “Deep Down Dead” the hotly anticipated novel from Steph Broadbribb (AKA Crime Thriller Girl) coming early 2017 from Orenda Books.

Steph is somebody I consider to be a very good friend, I love her dearly and I am extraordinarily happy for her and to get to show you the cover for her novel is a dream task for me. It helps that Deep Down Dead is really a most brilliant and addictive read (Yes I’ve read it and trust me you will want to as well) – an action thriller with heart and soul featuring a single mother who is also a bounty hunter, crime and thriller fans take note. Crime Thriller Girl is absolutely going to knock your socks off….

So without further ado here we go…



Amazing cover for an amazing book.

Here is what the press release will tell you….

“Not only is it a well-written, tense, action-packed thriller, but the characterisation is sublime and there is an extraordinary, highly charged love story at its heart. Set in the USA, the unforgettable key protagonist (and single mother) is a ‘bail runner’ (aka bounty hunter) and in a plot that twists, turns and then does it all over again, she faces a series of events that threaten her life, and that of her daughter. I was completely mesmerised by the eloquent prose, the emotional depths of the characters, the authenticity of the setting and the dialogue, and, of course, an extraordinary, riveting plot. In a nutshell, this has “bestseller” written all over it”

I agree with every word!

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And with ALL the brilliant Orenda releases on the publisher website HERE

Congratulations Steph – well deserved. WELL deserved.


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  1. Dave says:

    What a fantastic cover! Can’t wait to read it, the book sounds brilliant. 🙂

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