Five out of the Dark and Five out of the Pit by Holli Anderson. New YA.



Five teenagers who’ve recently discovered they have magical powers and are living in the Seattle underground feel it’s their responsibility to protect unsuspecting humans from otherworldly foes. Things are going well until Johnathan, their unofficial leader and the boy sixteen year old Paige is in love with, is bitten by a changeling – the venomous saliva causing him to metamorphose into a ravening beast with each full moon. Paige vows that, no matter the cost, she will find a way to cure Johnathan of the evil that has embedded itself in his soul.

Thank you kindly to Curiosity Quills  ( ) for the opportunity to read and review this series. I am very much looking forward to more. Well written and intriguing I was immediately drawn into the world of Paige, Johnathon et al.

I loved the set up of this – whilst there is nothing new to be found necessarily, the characters are all likeable and act with believability despite the paranormal aspects of the story. The bond developing between them is good to watch – and the writing is fast paced and adventurous, keeping you firmly in the moment. There are some interesting little twists on a tale often told and I could see this making a great tv show – which for me personally is always a good sign that younger readers will enjoy it.

I read a lot in this genre, comparatively speaking this is at the higher end of the scale quality wise in its readability, plot development and construct. There are no dull moments and overall I would have no problem recommending it to teenagers (especially younger teenagers) and those of us who will always be teenagers at heart!




The Five find their way to Moab, Utah where, before they’re even settled in, evil finds them.


So onto the second instalment, and I have very deliberately only put a small synopsis so as not to give away anything from Book One – this time I was definitely hooked it has to be said. In a lot of ways this one was better than the first, most likely because the author has done a terrific job with character development – and this one is much darker in tone as the story and the protagonists grow up.

The world building in this one is also superior, and the other worldly aspects and the mythology is explored more – some of the creatures (Imp, ha!) are amazingly clever and very well imagined. I also loved Paige and how she dealt with the hand that was dealt her in “Dark” – and her developing relationships. The “Love” angle always to be found in this genre is well established into the tale, if perhaps slightly too much for my personal tastes – but the target audience will love it, there is a lot here that teenagers will relate to and be able to get behind.

Overall then, an excellent “Part Two” and with the ending as it was I can’t wait for more – and if the author again takes the quality up a notch in Book 3 then we are looking at a very interesting series to keep an eye on.

Happy Reading Folks!


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Happy Reading Folks!



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