Happy New Year…and Happy New Reading!



So here we are, 2014 and after the year I had in 2013 I was very pleased to see the back of it. The GOOD thing about 2013 was the many wonderful books I read. I’m starting off this year as I start every year – with a Stephen King book, in this case Rose Madder but I have a reading list as long as the wall of China and boy am I looking forward to every single one. That does not even include all the ones I don’t yet know about…

This is a short post. I’m taking the rest of the week to get over the holiday shenanigans and then next week its back to normal and I will be having a look back at my year in reading for 2013 and also taking a look ahead to what I am excited about in 2014. Until then fellow readers see below 3 books that I read last year, fairly early on, that if you HAVENT read yet you might want to take a look at…



Happy Reading Folks!





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