Happy Publication Day to Neil White…and what else am I looking forward to?

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So today you can finally get your hands on a copy of “Next to Die” by Neil White. To read my recent interview with him clickety click http://lizlovesbooks.com/lizlovesbooks/2-days-to-go-neil-white-and-next-to-die/


To celebrate I  thought I might talk a little bit about some more books I am looking forward to and am dying to read. And to start with I want to say that THIS…the one I had been waiting for with the most anticipation…is Brilliant!


Don’t expect a review any time soon though. I’m doing what I always do with a brand shiny new Stephen King book – making it last. Ten minute treats is all I allow myself, but I will say right now…you should probably be reading it. It can be read without first reading “The Shining” but it would lose something…A review for The Shining can be found currently at the top of the Stephen King page here on site….



Now what else is coming up…Well I’m about to dive into “Long Way Home” by Eva Dolan, with grateful thanks to her and her publisher for the advance copy – this is one I’ve been hanging on in there for. I will let you know how that is going in due course.

My next biggest “MUST HAVE” book is the as yet untitled final instalment of “The Passage” trilogy from Justin Cronin. Sometime next year you won’t see me for dust as I settle down to find out what exactly is going on with Alicia et al…if you havent read The Passage or The Twelve then you are missing out – The best post apocalyptic novel/s I have read since “The Stand” it is truly compelling. Its one of those that I wish I had waited until all 3 were done before I started. Me and my chronic impatience. If these somehow passed you by, then you have a while to catch up. I highly recommend that you do. I’m looking mostly at Will Carver and Nick Quantrill right now…hey you guys you KNOW I’m normally right!




Towards the end of October, “The Violent Century” by Lavie Tidhar will be released. Its been on my radar for a while and looks like it might be a must read. It sounds slightly unconventional and like it might just be a unique experience. We will see. To find out more here you go. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18309415-the-violent-century?ac=1




Finally, and not long to wait now, I am DYING to read “Just One Evil Act” by Elizabeth George. The next Lynley book is ALWAYS one that I anticipate a great deal and so far there has been not a single let down in the entire series. Yes I love some better than others (still for me Playing for the Ashes is the best Lynley) but every single one is terrific. I love Inspector Lynley. Have you read them? If not…then do.




So there you go. My must haves. Do tell me about yours  – maybe I will want to add them to my list as well!


So, HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY NEIL and may the rest follow as soon as possible.


Happy Reading Folks!

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