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Today I am very happy to welcome Tanya Bullock to the blog talking about her emotional novella Homecoming.

Necessarily this will be a rather obfuscated interview due to possible spoiler issues – I would not want to spoil the heart of “Homecoming” but could you talk a little about the inspiration without giving too much away?

With ‘Homecoming’, I was suddenly hit by a spark of inspiration as I was driving to work. The first few lines of the novella came into my head almost instantly, so I pulled over and made a memo in my mobile phone. I knew I’d hit on the perfect theme for me as a writer, as I’m passionate about giving voice to protagonists who are usually neglected by the mainstream. With my last novel, ‘That Special Someone’, I wrote about the love life of a young woman with learning difficulties, so the story of two elderly lovers seemed like a natural progression. I was also inspired to have elderly central characters as a tribute to my grandparents. My maternal grandfather was a French politician and diplomat and one of the first French Commissioners of the European Coal and Steel Community after World War II. As you can imagine, he was a pretty awe-inspiring figure! As he got older, I felt a huge sense of sadness that his many achievements seemed to disappear from his memory. I think this feeling of regret has found its way into ‘Homecoming’. Rosie, my heroine, is loosely based on my paternal grandmother. She and I were great friends and I never saw her as ‘old’. We would have very frank, open conversations about love and relationships and l learnt a lot from her. Her greatest gift to me was the knowledge that there are no barriers to human relationships. I knew her as a woman, not as an ‘elderly’ woman.

The book has many fascinating characters even given its short length – did you have a favourite to write and if so who was that and why?

I love Rosie. She’s a brave and spirited woman who has had to overcome a great deal of adversity. I liked writing about her because of all the similarities and differences between her and I. It was a challenge and at times I had to get my thinking cap on (I’m 39 so writing about someone who was born before WWII required a certain amount of research and careful consideration). However, some of Rosie’s feelings and opinions are also mine and it’s always a lot of fun to give voice to your thoughts through a feisty mouthpiece!

Rosie and Tom certainly do have a battle on their hands – we like to think that true love conquers all, a strong theme in the narrative, but how about you? Romantic or pragmatist?

Good question. Can I sit on the fence and say both? I’m a very practical person and a realist in many ways. I don’t think that love conquers all, unfortunately – there’s too much sadness in the world for that to be the case. But I’m also an optimist. I believe in love and dreams and in the healing power of both.

Can you tell us anything about what is next for you in the writing stakes?

Yes, I’m writing a detective novel. It’s very character driven and the protagonists are rather eccentric. I’m not sure if I can pull it off yet, but time will tell.

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much to you too

About the book:


Rosie and Tom belong together.
For too long, war and its devastating aftermath have kept them apart.
Now that Tom has finally returned home, Rosie hopes that they will be able to put the past behind them.
But when a mysterious sequence of events unfolds, their love is put to the test once more.
With a shocking secret hanging heavily over their relationship…
With circumstances conspiring against them at every turn…
Rosie and Tom find themselves caught up in the biggest battle of their lives.
Will their demons ultimately consume them?
Or will love conquer all in the end?

Homecoming is short but intense – a novella I was persuaded to read due to its cover funnily enough, the words “Romance” usually making me run a mile. Not my preferred reading. But Homecoming inspires and is not your usual love story…

Rosie and Tom have a huge battle on their hands – the heart of that battle is emotional and thought provoking – Tanya Bullock takes the idea of “love conquers all” and turns it on its head, you will root for this pair all the way. Some fascinating characters and a central theme that is current and emotive make this a fast, addictive read as you wait to see if Rosie and Tom can overcome all barriers and be happy.

I can’t say too much without spoiling it, but Homecoming is both an inspiring and often sad story but with a hopeful vibe running through the narrative. Ultimately whilst not necessarily a feel good romance it is a realistic one, unconventional and making the point that love comes in many forms and at many different levels, not all hearts flowers and fluffy kittens. But always incredible and important none the less.

Recommended if you like a read that will give you pause for thought.

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Happy Reading Folks!


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