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A perfect life … until she discovered it wasn’t her own.

A tragic family event reveals devastating news that rips apart Bella’s comfortable existence. Embarking on a personal journey to uncover the truth, she faces a series of traumatic discoveries that take her to the ruggedly beautiful Cornish coast, where hidden truths, past betrayals and a 25-year-old mystery threaten not just her identity, but also her life.

In Her Wake is what I call a “Wow” book – you know, those novels you read, that you are fully immersed in, you turn the final page and you just have to sit for a minute going, well, wow..

This is not a fast, furious psychological thriller full of cliche, Amanda Jennings has written a quite gorgeous, considered and beautifully layered tale of one woman discovering her life was not what she thought – we follow her on an extraordinarily moving and emotional journey that explores many themes including family, identity and trust. The characters will all be as real to you as the person standing next to you, the sense of time and place is evocative and highly engaging, a story which once started grips you from the very first sentence until the very last word.

It is actually quite difficult to write a review that gets across exactly how good this is – in truth there are very few books that are quite as good as this one both on the surface and underneath when you go deeper. In Her Wake gave me the kind of reading experience I live for, where the world goes away for those few hours you are in them, where you are emotionally all over the place when you have finished them, when they linger in your mind for days afterwards. These are the ones I throw at everyone and go READ THIS because THIS is what a damn  good book looks like.

I’ve always enjoyed Ms Jennings novels, loved them even, but with this book, this time, she joins the ranks of those authors that I talk about automatically when asked for an opinion on who to read – and that list is smaller than you might think.  People who know me will know who else is on that list and now you can add Amanda Jennings. In my (humble) opinion “In Her Wake” is a breakout novel, the one that took her out of “very good” and into “Incredible” – proper storytelling, proper storytelling I say, not trying to fit into some kind of market trend but being entirely its own thing. And a wonderful thing it is too.

To sum up, “In Her Wake” is  beautifully written, an emotionally stunning story that envelops you into a kind of reading madness as you follow Bella down the rabbit hole. Distinctly descriptive, gorgeous in language and psychologically chilling, this is bound to be one of the standouts of the year.

Highly Recommended

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