Latest Reads: And The Stars Were Burning Brightly Danielle Jawando.

Al was special.
Al was talented.
Al was full of passion and light … so why did he do it?

Convinced that his brother was in trouble, Nathan decides to retrace Al’s footsteps. As he does, he meets Megan, Al’s former classmate, who is as determined as Nathan to keep Al’s memory alive. 

Together they start seeking answers, but will either of them be able to handle the truth about Al’s death when they eventually discover what happened? 

An extraordinary novel about loss, understanding and the importance of speaking up when all you want to do is shut down, from an incredible new talent.

Oh what a beautiful, heartbreaking novel this was, every layer of it hugely authentic and genuinely devastating.

Nate has lost his brother to suicide- through the grief, anger and self blame he starts to dig into Al’s life in the hope of finding answers. Through this quest he meets Megan, mourning not only loss of life but the loss of chances- together, maybe, they’ll find a way to move on.

This was beautifully written, Nathans voice is quirky, honest and strong, taking the reader into his heart and into the heart of his lost brother. As the reality of Al’s struggle emerges it is horrifically sad and massively thought provoking, making you wish so many things about our world were different.

Ultimately though, Danielle Jawando manages to make this uplifting and hopeful – a story of loss and love and finding your place in a life now off kilter – where possibilities like the stars, burn brightly.

Simply wonderful. Highly Recommended.

You can purchase And The Stars Were Burning Brightly (Simon and Schuster) Here

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