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Publication Date: 23rd January 2018 from HQ Digital

Source: Netgalley

Kat Grant and Alice Campbell have a friendship forged in shared confidences and long lunches lubricated by expensive wine. Though they’re very different women—the artsy socialite and the struggling suburbanite—they’re each other’s rocks. But even rocks crumble under pressure. Like when Kat’s financier husband, Howard, plunges to his death from the second-floor balcony of their South Florida mansion.

Howard was a jerk, a drunk, a bully and, police say, a murder victim. The questions begin piling up. Like why Kat has suddenly gone dark: no calls, no texts and no chance her wealthy family will let Alice see her. Why investigators are looking so hard in Alice’s direction. Who stands to get hurt next. And who is the cool liar—the masterful manipulator behind it all. 

I’m right back into my psychological thrillers right now having had a bit of a meh time about them where I felt I was reading the same story over and over again, so I made it a mission to seek out the ones that can surprise me. If you surprise me you get Brownie points. They are not worth anything but you know, it is fun for me.

Best Friends Forever did manage to surprise me. As well as that it was a brilliant page turner, with a couple of cleverly drawn main protagonists, a supporting cast of possibly nefarious bystanders and the story of one true friendship. Told from the point of view of Alice, who appreciates the light that friend Kat brings into her mundane family life, giving her a break, she begins to realise that perhaps Kat is not QUITE as friendly as she seems..

It is very gripping as we see the present Alice being interviewed by the police and the past Alice meeting Kat, becoming friends, all the ways their lives entwine – but underneath it all it is just a little off, not quite as bright and bubbly as it appears. Margot Hunt layers it well, genuinely keeping you guessing, especially in relation to the psychology of everyone in this – from Kat to Alice, from both the husbands to the extended family – in the end the outcome is highly effective and yes, unexpected although maybe not on the level you would think.

I like the clever ones. I like the ones that keep you reading  bleary eyed into the night to see if what happens and if you’ve guessed correctly. I like the ones with characters that stand out and are not carbon copies of the last book you read in this genre. Best Friends forever scores highly on all of those therefore I will happily highly recommend it.

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