Latest Reads: Bullet Train Kotaro Isaka.

Five killers are on a bullet train from Tokyo competing for a suitcase full of money. Who will make it to the last station? An original and propulsive thriller from a Japanese bestseller.

Satoshi looks like an innocent schoolboy but he is really a viciously cunning psychopath. Kimura’s young son is in a coma thanks to him, and Kimura has tracked him onto the bullet train heading from Tokyo to Morioka to exact his revenge. But Kimura soon discovers that they are not the only dangerous passengers onboard.

Nanao, the self-proclaimed ‘unluckiest assassin in the world’, and the deadly partnership of Tangerine and Lemon are also travelling to Morioka. A suitcase full of money leads others to show their hands. Why are they all on the same train, and who will get off alive at the last station?

A bestseller in Japan, Bullet Train is an original and propulsive thriller which fizzes with an incredible energy as its complex net of double-crosses and twists unwinds to the last station.

Pure lunacy in the best way possible. That’s what I thought when I’d finished Bullet Train.

If you read a crazier, more addictive novel this year I’ll be surprised.

So, there’s a train that moves as fast as the plot, little time at stations and strangely empty considering the number of seats available. Here though we will find a lot of nefarious people on nefarious missions who all end up in each other’s business and the nearer the train gets to its final destination the twistier and crazier it will all get.

This is going to be a movie and I can’t imagine a better one if you are looking for full on excitement, action in droves, contemplative moments in between and a plot that defies logic right up until it all falls into place. If they pretty much put the book directly to screen without messing too much with it that’ll be what you get.

I adored it. Definitely the most fun I’ve had with a book in 2021 so far..the characters pop and none of them are lovely but you’ll love them none the less. Well except maybe one who you’ll want to slap every time he appears..

Mad assassins, a popular suitcase, a bullet train that becomes literally just that and if I were you I’d avoid needing the bathroom whilst on a train for the rest of your life.

Most excellent. Highly Recommended.

You can purchase Bullet Train (Harvill Secker) Here.

Happy Reading!

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