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When Carrie was accused of brutally murdering her husband’s lover, she denied it. She denied it when they arrested her, when they put her in front of a jury, and when they sent her to prison. 

Now she’s three years into a fifteen-year sentence, away from the daughter she loves and the life she had built. And she is still denying that she is to blame. 


Tess Gilroy has devoted her life to righting wrongs. Through her job for Innocence UK, a charity which takes on alleged miscarriages of justice, she works tirelessly to uncover the truth. 

But when she is asked to take Carrie’s case, Tess realises that if she is to help this woman, she must risk uncovering the secrets she has struggled a lifetime to hide 

I banged through Clear My Name in record time even for me, I just couldn’t stop reading it once started so it’s a good job I had a day off.

This is another tense page turner from Paula Daly who has an intuitive eye for character and setting, always keeping things unexpected and plotting everything perfectly to suck you in then spit you out the other side slightly dazed looking.

I am a fan of stories featuring possibly innocent inmates and this one was beautifully done, with lots of nuance and excellent twisty moments- I really didn’t know where it would end up, the solution when it came was terrific – I often overall judge a novel by its pay off and this one was hugely satisfying.

Let’s hope for more tv adaptations is all I can say. And of course for lots more novels like this one.

Loved it. Highly Recommended.

You can purchase Clear My Name (Bantam press) Here.

Happy Reading!

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