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Set in present day Washington, D.C., with all of that city’s current political drama, polarization, ferocious turf battles and paranoia-inducing intrigue, Deep State introduces 25-year-old West Wing intern and ex-Army veteran, Hayley Chill.

Hayley discovers the body of the White House chief of staff on his kitchen floor and a single clue suggests her boss has died from something other than natural causes. With a resolute pursuit of the truth and at ever-increasing personal peril, Hayley begins to uncover shocking evidence of a wide-ranging conspiracy. Code-named Operation Shady Side, the plot is orchestrated by a half dozen long-established government figures, members of the eponymous ‘Deep State’, united in their effort to undermine a newly elected and highly controversial president who threatens their accumulation of power.

Without a single ally whom she can unequivocally trust, Hayley is compelled to rely on her own resources to solve a deepening mystery while at the same time evading detection

I adored this book and it’s main protagonist Hayley Chill, it was a page turning addictive read with a cadence and rhythm to the prose that was genuinely engaging.

The story itself, a political and moral minefield, was utterly gripping, as Hayley leaves the army and enters the hallowed halls of the White House, where she uncovers a plot against the President and ends up in isolated hot water.

The setting is brilliantly described, the plot is taut and clever, Hayley is unique and strangely likeable with her odd demeanour and her extensive experience. It is so much fun, definitively unpredictable, flooring me at the end with a cleverly done resolution.

Definitely one to watch in 2020, if you like your political thrillers layered, intelligent and ultimately authentic then Deep State is for you. Here’s wishing Hayley Chill many more adventures.

Highly Recommended.

You can purchase Deep State (Simon & Schuster) Here.

Happy Reading!

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