Latest Reads: From The Grave Jay Brandon.

“You want me to represent the most hated man in Houston?”

Disbarred Texas lawyer Edward Hall returns to the courtroom after accepting an offer from the District Attorney to represent the most obviously guilty defendant in town. It’s a poisoned chalice. Not only is his client charged with kidnapping the DA’s sister, he is already well-known for the previous kidnapping of a celebrity’s son.But if Edward handles this well, he has a chance to regain his law licence. And Edward understand that by ‘handling the case well’, the DA means he needs to lose. Labouring under this impossible conflict of interest, Edward prepares for the trial with the help of his resourceful girlfriend Linda. But as the trial approaches, Edward finds himself having to solve and prove a completely different case: one of cold-blooded murder.

Reading this book made me want to go back and read all the previous books again too and I happily realise I’ve missed a few so I shall have to track them down..

As far as legal thrillers go Jay Brandon is at the top of my list with John Lescroart and the further into From The Grave I went the more I realised why…

This is tautly plotted and absolutely addictive, with a genuinely compelling mystery at the heart of it, tense and engaging courtroom scenes plus unexpected outcomes and strong central characters.

Pacy and utterly gripping throughout From The Grave comes highly recommend from me. As does any other novel by this author. I absolutely loved it.

You can purchase From The Grave (Severn House) Here.

Happy Reading!

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