Latest Reads: Heaven, My Home Attica Locke.

When the young son of an Aryan Brotherhood of Texas gang captain goes missing, Ranger Darren Matthews has no choice but to investigate the crime. Following the election of Donald Trump, a new wave of racial violence has swept the state. Dark, swampy and filled with skeletal trees, Caddo Lake is so large it crosses into Lousiana. This is deep country and the rule of law doesn’t mean much to the Brotherhood, beyond what it can do for them. A further complication is that Brotherhood is squatting on the land of a former Freedmen’s community, and one of the last descendants of these former slaves is actually a suspect in the possible murder of the missing boy. Instructed by his lieutenant to use the investigation to gather more evidence that might help to take down the Texas chapter of the Brotherhood, Darren is playing very dangerous game indeed.

Bluebird Bluebird was an intensely involving crime drama that I devoured so I was hoping that lightning would strike twice and indeed it has, Heaven, My Home is atmospheric, beautifully written and hugely thought provoking.

Darren as a realistically flawed character anchors you into the tale, various threads from Bluebird Bluebird continue and there is also the case of a missing child drawing his attention. The plot is taut and relevant, entertaining yet emotionally resonant, never following the path of least resistance and never once losing its grip.

The character interactions are layered with nuance, the backdrop history playing into current events and as far as scene setting goes Attica Locke has an insightful descriptive eye that makes you feel the surroundings as you read.

I loved it. This is top notch writing and storytelling, never missing a beat, I’ve seen the author described as America’s most interesting crime writer and I can’t say I disagree with that.

This is what I look for in my reading. Depth, pace and pitch perfect, with characters and scenery that just pop from the page.

Highly Recommended.

You can purchase Heaven My Home (Serpents Tail) Here.

Happy Reading!

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