Latest Reads: Ice Cold Heart P J Tracy.

A violent murder. An ice-cold killer . . .

On a bitterly cold winter night, Kelly Ramage leaves her suburban home, telling her husband she’s going to meet a friend.

But she never comes back.

When her body is discovered, murdered in what seems to be a sex game gone horribly wrong, Detectives Gino and Magozzi take the case, expecting to find a flirtatious trail leading straight to the killer.

However, Kelly’s sinister lover has done a disturbingly good job of hiding his identity.

This isn’t his first victim.

And she won’t be the last . . .

I love these novels and I’m so glad they are continuing after the sad loss of one half of this amazing writing duo, mother and daughter, I can only imagine how difficult it must be- but Ice Cold Heart doesn’t miss a beat, it is an intensely involving crime drama featuring our much loved group of characters, I devoured it in short order.

The main story itself is as compelling as ever, these cases always have a dark heart and inevitably end up being about something else than how it starts. This one was utterly addictive, the various threads of plot coming together into an explosive finale and reminding me why I’ve avidly followed the monkeewrench series from book one.

Overall this was a fantastic read- clever and intense with that strong page turning quality I’ve come to look forward to whenever I pick one of these up.

Excellent. Recommended.

You can purchase Ice Cold Heart (Penguin Michael Joseph Here.

Happy Reading!

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