Latest Reads: Marked For Death Tony Kent.

A thrilling follow-up to one of 2018’s hottest debuts, Killer Intent.

Thrilling follow up is spot on. Killer Intent was an excellent read, with a lot of edge of the seat action and introducing two brilliant characters Michael Devlin and Sarah Truman who luckily for readers are back in this fantastic sequel.

Marked for Death is actually different in a lot of ways with much of the action taking place within a dramatic courtroom trial. Around that Michael has to deal with an old enemy who is hell bent on revenge. This makes for a right proper page turner with some terrific writing, cool new characters and a creepy, genuinely compelling bad guy.

This is an edgy, considered and pitch perfect crime drama with great depth, some engaging twists and plenty of unexpected moments – I loved it for it’s fresh feel and utterly riveting plot. Bring on more is what I say. This is a series I’d like to see run and run.

Highly recommended.

You can order Marked For Death (Elliott and Thompson) Here.

Happy Reading!

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