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Publication Date: 24th August from Pushkin Vertigo

Source: Review Copy

Caleb Zelic’s childhood friend has been brutally murdered – fingers broken, throat slit – at his home in Melbourne. Tortured by guilt, Caleb vows to track down the killer. But he’s profoundly deaf; missed words and misread lips can lead to confusion, and trouble.

Fortunately, Caleb knows how to read people; a sideways glance, an unconvincing smile, speak volumes. When his friend Frankie, a former cop, offers to help, they soon discover the killer is on their tail. 

Sensing that his ex-wife may also be in danger, Caleb insists they return to their hometown of Resurrection Bay. But here he learns that everyone – including his murdered friend – is hiding something. And the deeper he digs, the darker the secrets. 

Resurrection Bay was a banging read from the first chapter to the last chapter – featuring a main protagonist in Caleb that I fell immediately in love with, full of plenty of edge of the seat moments and a realistically edged mystery plot that was thoroughly engaging.

Caleb has a hearing problem that makes him view the world differently, as an anchor to the occasionally heart stopping plot he was brilliant – as were his relationships with those around him, especially his long suffering ex wife Kat, his alcoholic business partner Frankie and his addicted, often in trouble brother Anton. When a close friend of his is killed and it appears to be linked to a case they had both been involved in, things soon kick off big time and a hugely riveting, often brutal, always fascinating adventure begins.

Resurrection Bay is one of those novels that just drags you along in it’s wake – every time you think you could put it down something happens so you don’t – that way lies the madness of reading into the early hours in your utter need to know what happens. Emma Viskic has a truly rock and roll writing style with a keenly descriptive eye that just keeps you on your toes and drives the narrative in a truly addictive fashion. Beautifully placed unexpected diversions, memorably drawn characters who are multi layered (and we still have lots to learn about so bring on the next novel quick smart I say) together with what was for me a genuinely unexpected resolution and you have a perfect storm of a read.

Caleb may not be able to hear you but he knows you are coming – and I hope he is too, in a lot more future novels from this author.

Banging brilliant. As I said. Highly Recommended.

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