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In the aftermath of a NASA rocket launch gone terribly wrong, Captain Calli Chase comes face-to-face with her missing twin sister—as well as the startling truth of who they really are. Now, a top secret program put in motion years ago has spun out of control, and only Calli can redirect its course.

Aided by cutting-edge technologies, the NASA investigator and scientist turned Space Force pilot sets out on a frantic search for the missing link between the sabotaged rocket launch and her predetermined destiny…a search that someone else seems very interested in stopping.

From NASA to the Chase family farm, to the White House to distant orbits of space, Calli plays a high-stakes game of hide-and-seek with a cunning and ruthless adversary. One wrong move will unleash cataclysmic consequences reaching far beyond the boundaries of Earth.

Quantum, the first novel in this series, really appealed to me with its geeky science and intriguing characters and if anything I liked Spin even more as these aspects come into sharper focus.

The rambly nature of the prose which in recent Scarpetta books didnt really work for that character, works brilliantly for Callie Chase – she tells her story immersively and really embraces this world of top secret NASA projects, shadowy assassins and awesomely cool technology. The build up and cliff hanger in book one resolves itself into a clever, speculative “space race” tale that is genuinely compelling.

I won’t pretend to understand the possibility of the technology described being real but it feels real and as Calli struggles to deal with her new reality you are with her all the way and Spin culminates in a race against time that had me devouring the last few chapters in short order.

The ending this time allows for an ongoing showdown between good and evil, but who is on the right side here may well depend on your point of view.

I thoroughly enjoyed this and look forward to more adventures with Captain Calli Chase.

You can purchase Spin (Thomas and Mercer) Here.

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