Latest Reads: The Absolution Yrsa Sigurdardottir.

The police find out about the crime the way everyone does: on Snapchat. The video shows the terrified victim begging for forgiveness. When her body is found, it is marked with a number 2…

Detective Huldar joins the investigation, bringing child psychologist Freyja on board to help question the murdered teenager’s friends. Soon, they uncover that Stella was far from the angel people claim – but even so, who could have hated her enough to kill?

Then another teenager goes missing, and more clips are sent. Freyja and Huldar can agree on two things at least: the truth is far from simple. And the killer is not done yet.

Another page turner from Ysra Sigurdardottir here, part of the “Children’s House” series but easily read as a standalone. This title is due in April though so plenty of time to catch up- all of these are utterly compelling.

This time the children in danger are not particularly loveable – the author takes on the bullying issue in this novel, with thought provoking layers to an incredibly immersive mystery.

As well as that we have more on the tangled interpersonal relationships of the main protagonists, an intriguing lot they are too which only adds to the overall addictive nature of the story.

Beautifully written, unexpectedly plotted and ever fascinating in character and setting, The Absolution is another pure joy to read from the pen of Ysra Sigurdardottir.


You can purchase The Absolution (Hodder) Here.

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