Latest Reads: The Banker’s Wife. Christina Alger.

Annabel’s seemingly perfect ex-patriate life in Geneva is shattered when her banker husband Matthew’s plane crashes in the Alps. When Annabel finds clues that his death may not be all it seems, she puts herself in the crosshairs of powerful enemies and questions whether she really knew her husband at all.

Meanwhile, journalist Marina is investigating Swiss United, the bank where Matthew worked. But when she uncovers evidence of a shocking global financial scandal that implicates someone close to home, she is forced to make an impossible choice.

The Banker’s Wife is a financial thriller with plenty of twists, a beautifully addictive prose and features strong female characters, all living in a very male world, all of whom are intriguingly engaging. 

The murky world of Swiss bank accounts, underhand dealing and dirty money is genuinely fascinating, whilst I’ve no idea how accurately portrayed it is, knowing nothing about it in reality, it certainly felt authentic. My jaw often dropped at the eye watering sums of money involved in this tale of hidden secrets and those who will go to extreme lengths to protect them.

At the same time this has domestic thriller elements and a page turning quality, with an excellent finale, a hugely absorbing and satisfying read.


You can purchase The Banker’s Wife (Mulholland) Here. 

Happy Reading! 

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