Latest Reads: The Blameless Dead Gary Hynes.

In the dying days of World War Two, Pavel Romasko and his Red Army colleagues pick their way through the detritus of a dying Berlin. Stumbling upon the smoking remains of a Nazi bunker, they find something inside that eclipses the horror of even the worst excesses in the city above them.

As the war ends, retribution begins. But some revenge cannot be taken at once. Some revenge takes years.

Which is how, seventy years later, FBI agent Carla Romero and New York lawyer Gabriel Hall are enlisted to investigate a series of blood-chilling crimes that seem to have their roots in the distant past — even though the suffering they cause is all too present. And for one of them, the disappearance of young women is a particularly personal matter.

The Blameless Dead was perhaps one of the most intriguing books I’ve read lately as far as central premise goes – running between wartime and present day, a brutal and fascinating read that holds the attention.

The descriptive sense of place and time is cleverly immersive, well drawn characters and an edge of the seat feel to the whole story.

This is a revenge tale like no other, roots in the past sending shockwaves through current day, with an unexpected resolution and a complex central storyline. I liked it for its differences to the current crop of thrillers and will certainly read more from this author.

You can purchase The Blameless Dead (Endeavour) Here.

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