Latest Reads: The Cold Vanish Jon Billman.

These are the stories that defy conventional logic. The proverbial vanished without a trace incidences, which happen a lot more (and a lot closer to your backyard) than almost anyone thinks. These are the missing whose situations are the hardest on loved ones left behind. 

The Cold Vanish is an extremely well written and involving read about people who vanish into the wilderness and those who endlessly search for them.

The author immerses himself into their stories, spending time with an eclectic group of travellers and searchers, from close family, one father specifically, to professionals and experts and even those on the trail of Bigfoot. It is an intimate and melancholy reading experience that is also a huge page turner – through the eyes of Jon Billman these larger than life characters both here and lost gain a vivid reality, in the end they feel almost like your own family

The mystery of these lost souls is compelling and often very strange indeed. You wouldn’t think in this technological world that it would be possible to disappear without a trace, sometimes in plain sight but the in depth research Jon Billman undertook in this book shows that it happens more often than its comfortable to think about. He himself is deeply affected by these random tragedies and that comes across with every passing chapter.

It made me both want to visit wild natural landscapes and stay well away at the same time. The main story within the rest is sad yet somehow uplifting and I dont think any of these people will leave my mind easily.

Highly recommended.

You can purchase The Cold Vanish (Grand Central Publishing) Here.

Happy reading!

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