Latest Reads: The Copy Cat Jake Woodhouse.

Jaap Rykel is on the brink, his dark past driving him to breaking point and ending his police career.

Visiting the station one last time, he stumbles across an investigation into a violent murder.

A murder where the details exactly match a case he solved years earlier.

But that killer was caught – and is still in prison.

Is there a copycat killer on the loose, playing games with Rykel’s fragile mind? Or did he get it wrong, and send an innocent man to prison?

This might be his last chance to make things right, or it could be the blow that finally takes him over the edge . . .

I’m late to the party on this one, it being the final novel in a quartet, yet the first I have read – it was an excellent and addictive read so I’ve just ordered the previous three…maybe I’ll read in reverse order.

From the opening page I was compelled to just keep on reading, completing it in two sessions and completely immersed the entire time.

It was not a problem at all that I was arriving at the end of proceedings, Jake Woodhouse does an excellent job of giving you enough information without spoiling previous stories.

The Copy Cat is a terrific detective story with plenty of emotional layers, some edge of the seat moments and best of all it was entirely unpredictable. Loved it. Great writing great characters intelligent plotting.

Recommended. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

You can purchase The Copy Cat (Penguin) Here.

Happy Reading!

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