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Publication Date: 6th April from Serpents Tail

Source: Netgalley

It begins with someone else’s story. The story of a woman who leaves a busy restaurant and disappears completely into the chilly spring night. Evelyn Carney is missing – but where did she go? Who was she meeting? And why did she take a weapon with her when she went? When brilliant TV producer Virginia Knightley finds Evelyn’s missing person report on her desk, she becomes obsessed with finding out what happened that night. But her pursuit of the truth draws her deep into the power struggles and lies of Washington DC’s elite – to face old demons and new enemies.

If The Newsroom met Gone Girl then had super intelligent kids….

Early reviews suggest The Cutaway may be about to divide opinion – so my opinion, for what it is worth, is that this is blinking brilliant. I LOVED it. I loved the main protagonist, I loved the Breaking News aspects, got all caught up in the story, didn’t have a clue how the mystery element would pan out – not because it is particularly twisty in that sense but more because I was so caught up in the character dynamics and the investigative reporting side.

Christina Kovac writes with a very sharp edge, a genuinely insightful eye towards subtle characterisation and can put together one hell of a story – a bit like her main character Virginia whose sudden obsession with a missing woman puts her on the trail of all sorts of shenanigans. Meanwhile her workplace is in turmoil as a new boss starts messing with the status quo, the police investigation seems to be full of political motivation and there is Evelyn, gone in a relative puff of smoke, tying it all together as we wait to find out what has happened to her.

The “behind the scenes” aspect of The Cutaway really digs you deep into things, I loved the dynamic of the Newsroom, work politics merging with life politics in a tale of possible corruption and murder – I genuinely did not know what the all heck was going on, the author subtly dropping information into the narrative then throwing it back at you later in different context, the plotting, I thought, was absolutely superb. Virginia is a brilliantly intriguing character, I loved her and the supporting cast are just as well drawn.

Look it was just bloody good. I couldn’t possibly do anything but love it with my reading heart so give it a go.

Tense, clever, addictive and different. That is The Cutaway.

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