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Elsewhere exists. Cass, Piper and Zoe must race to prevent the Alpha’s from destroying what might be the only salvation for the Omegas and an end to the discrimination that comes, for them, with existing. But while they struggle to change the world, Cass must also overcome her grief and loyalty to her twin if she is ever to be free.

The Forever Ship completes this trilogy which began with The Fire Sermon and continued with A Map of Bones – I’ll be sorry to see the back of Cass, Piper et al I’ve lived this journey with them and a brilliantly engaging and thought provoking one it was too and the lovely Ms Haig puts a pitch perfect finish on it.

In this finale, the battle to save Elsewhere is the main focus along with ever changing loyalties and Cass still trying to come to terms with her relationship with Zach – twin and Alpha – who has been an extraordinarily difficult challenge.

I’ve come to know the world built here really well – the Alpha and Omega twins, one perfectly formed the other with flaws and the author has delved deep into human nature here, throughout the narrative, in a beautifully plotted battle where its not so much one of good v evil but of this compromise v that compromise and how far we would go to preserve ourselves.

The characters are formed and authentic, Cass is divisive and tortured by her visions, her journey from that first page of The Fire Sermon to this last page of The Forever Ship has been one full of twists and challenges, utterly riveting and beautifully described.

I don’t really want to give anything away – but Francesca Haig has created a dystopian reality that is very believable, as our world teeters on the brink of who knows what, one can perfectly well imagine a future such as she describes – even the more fantastical elements of it.

Overall The Fire Sermon trilogy has been a most terrific reading experience – and that melancholy, cleverly thought out finale just put the icing on a very delicious cake.

Highly Recommended.

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