Latest Reads: The Nesting C J Cooke.

Architect Tom Faraday is determined to finish the high-concept, environmentally friendly home he’s building in Norway – in the same place where he lost his wife, Aurelia, to suicide. It was their dream house, and he wants to honor her with it.

Lexi Ellis takes a job as his nanny and immediately falls in love with his two young daughters, especially Gaia. But something feels off in the isolated house nestled in the forest along the fjord. Lexi sees mysterious muddy footprints inside the home. Aurelia’s diary appears in Lexi’s room one day. And Gaia keeps telling her about seeing the terrifying Sad Lady…

Soon Lexi suspects that Aurelia didn’t kill herself and that they are all in danger from something far more sinister lurking around them.

I loved this. It was equal parts chilling and emotive with a gorgeous setting beautifully described that made you just sink into it and I read it in one gulp of a sitting.

Lexi steals an identity and escapes from her life…taking on the role of Nanny to two girls who have recently lost their mother…but what exactly haunted Aurelia and is Tom Faraday, Dad, quite as perfect as he seems…

This is such a wonderful novel on so many levels. An exploration of grief and mental health in an isolated setting where mother nature rules, it is a creepy and effective modern fairy tale with quirky, intriguing characters and some dark imaginings that keep you turning the pages to find out what happens.

The descriptive language is pitch perfectly done so the whole thing has an off kilter, edgy feel and it is often unexpectedly heart wrenching. I just couldn’t bear to put it down and it stayed with me long after the final page was done.

Overall a truly excellent read. Highly recommended. Perfect for Halloween and the chilly weather.

You can purchase The Nesting (Harper Collins) Here.

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