Latest Reads: The Obelisk Gate N. K. Jemisin.


The season of endings grows darker as civilization fades into the long cold night. Alabaster Tenring – madman, world-crusher, savior – has returned with a mission: to train his successor, Essun, and thus seal the fate of the Stillness forever.

It continues with a lost daughter, found by the enemy.

It continues with the obelisks, and an ancient mystery converging on answers at last.

The Stillness is the wall which stands against the flow of tradition, the spark of hope long buried under the thickening ashfall. And it will not be broken.

Oh gosh well…I thought the start to the “Broken Earth” trilogy, The Fifth Season, was a perfect storm of a fantasy novel, a beautifully imagined, cleverly nuanced and deftly woven literary delight that couldn’t possibly be beaten by what came after…

Now of course I have read “The Obelisk Gate” the middle book – which is a beautifully imagined, cleverly nuanced and deftly woven literary delight..with added emotional resonance now you are invested and one that is fascinatingly addictive and full of depth. In other words it exceeds expectation in every way.

I won’t say too much about the plot here because this is an epic journey that you need to start with book one – if you have not yet read The Fifth Season I might inadvertently spoil things and that wouldn’t do, no that wouldn’t do at ALL.

Which leaves me with a dilemma because what do I say? Well. Mothers and daughters. Prejudice and slavery. Earth in turmoil, bittersweet revenge, hero’s and destroyers, that which divides and that which destroys. Hope and despair. All of that in a world beyond imagination that becomes all too real as you read…

And ohhhhh Alabaster….

I may not actually survive book 3, The Stone Sky, coming up on my reading pile soon. But one Mother and one Daughter might just see me through…

Highly recommended. Just trust me

Go read these incredible stories.

You can purchase The Obelisk Gate (Orbit) Here.

Happy Reading!

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