Latest Reads: The Recovery Of Rose Gold Stephanie Wrobel.

Rose Gold Watts believed she was sick for eighteen years.

She thought she needed the feeding tube, the surgeries, the wheelchair . . .

Turns out her mother is a really good liar.

After five years in prison, Patty Watts is finally free. All she wants is to put old grievances behind her, reconcile with her daughter – and care for her new infant grandson.

When Rose Gold agrees to have Patty move in, it seems their relationship is truly on the mend.

But Rose Gold knows her mother. Patty won’t rest until she has her daughter back under her thumb. Which is inconvenient because Rose Gold wants to be free of Patty.


Only one Watts woman will get her way.

Will it be Patty or Rose Gold? Mother or daughter?

This book was horrifying in the best way possible. I loved it. Talk about a toxic mother daughter relationship, this one was genuinely utterly nuts. Still, strangely believable.

You think you’d have some sympathy for a girl whose entire childhood disappeared into an illness that was created by her mother and absolutely none for the monstrous woman who put her through it. However Stephanie Wrobel plays with your perceptions perfectly throughout the narrative and quite honestly in the end I hated the lot of them, again in the best way possible.

A twisted game of cat and mouse and one upmanship plays out via the separate tales of Rose Gold and Patty Watts and only one will come out on top…but who will it be? Well you’ll have to read to find out but you’ll be engaged, riveted and often open mouthed…

A brilliantly addictive read.


You can purchase The Recovery Of Rose Gold (Michael Joseph) Here.

Happy Reading!

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