Latest Reads: The Second Woman Charlotte Philby.

Two women are found dead.
Both had a secret.
Both had a choice.
Artemis leaves the remote Greek island she grew up on to start a shiny new life in 1990s London with her British husband, a successful entrepreneur. Finally, she has escaped the ghosts of her past. Until she is found hanging from the stairs of her beautiful family home.

Two decades later, the apparent suicide of an heiress uncannily mirrors Artemis’ mysterious death. And when the ensuing investigation uncovers links to a criminal cartel, National Crime Agency officer Madeleine Farrow begins to pull apart the web of deceit surrounding the two women.

THE SECOND WOMAN is a deeply unsettling, brilliantly gripping story of a family legacy built upon lies.

Secrets can be suffocating… especially in the wrong hands.

The Second Woman is haunting and evocative, a beautifully written and complex drama that is far more than the sum of its parts.

This is a novel with women at the heart of it – their lives, their choices, their consequences. Moving between past and present seamlessly, Charlotte Philby builds the emotional tension with pitch perfect resonance, at the same time managing to twist perception and keep you wondering what might happen.

The characters here are vibrant and real, the story itself utterly gripping, with a high level of intrigue and a genuinely unpredictable sense to it. It is a novel to absorb and one you will think about for a long time after its over.

Highly Recommended.

You can purchase The Second Woman (The Borough Press) Here.

Happy Reading!

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