Latest Reads: To The Lions Holly Watt.

A journalist must follow the clues, no matter how far that takes her.

Casey Benedict, star reporter at the Post, has infiltrated the lives and exposed the lies of countless politicians and power players. Using her network of contacts, Casey is always on the search for the next big story, no matter how much danger this might place her in, no matter what cost emotionally.

Tipped off by an overheard conversation at an exclusive London nightclub, she begins to investigate the apparent suicide of a wealthy young British man, whose death has left his fiancée and family devastated.

Casey’s determined hunt for the truth will take her from the glitz of St Tropez to the deserts of Libya and on to the very darkest corners of the human mind.

To The Lions is just my kind of book, strong realistic characters, a tense and thought provoking story with perfectly immersive writing and a page turning quality that grips you throughout.

Investigative journalism sits at the centre of Holly Watt’s considered thriller as Casey Benedict, our main protagonist, stumbles into a dark possibility. Instincts kicking in, she sets out to expose the truth, but danger lurks around every corner.

There are some heart breaking truths ingrained into the narrative, the journalism backdrop is entirely fascinating and there is a huge dose of authenticity to boot making To The Lions a classically absorbing read that works on every level.

A snapshot view behind the scenes of those big breaking news stories, intelligent and intriguing from first page to last, I have no problem highly recommending this one. Quality fiction, the type I read for, right here. I’m very much hoping there is lots more to come.

You can purchase To The Lions (Bloomsbury Raven) Here.

Happy Reading!

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